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Shueze Marine Services Limited is a 100% Nigerian company registered and incorporated in Nigeria as a Limited Liability Company on 13th November 2012. An independent Non - Destructive Testing, Calibration, Pressure testing, and Lifting Equipment Inspection and Training Company with its main office in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, is an OILFIELD services Company, it aims to provide companies with products and services that will support its operations.

We ensure that we meet, as far as practicable, a quality requirement imposed by our clients and independent agencies. Our department work by a variety of standards, codes, and regulations. Flexibility ranks high on Shueze priority list, expect standards and quality services. Shueze Marine is a well–structured organization with multi–skilled personnel which are the key factors underlying our reputation for efficiency, flexibility, and deliverability.


Shueze Marine is a healthy and efficiently managed company focused on various industries, especially the Oil, and Gas industry. We ensure that our clients receive the highest quality services in Nigeria and the host community. We are committed to the preservation of the environment in our operational areas. Safety and quality are our priorities.

Lifting Equipment

Our values of safety, professionalism, customer satisfaction, integrity, and high ethical standards guide all our actions, and we strive to earn the respect and trust of all our stakeholders every day. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients by upholding our values at Shueze, we believe in putting safety and quality first. Our values are rooted in delivering high-quality, reliable, and efficient services that protect our client's assets and ensure their peace of mind.


Shueze Marine Services Ltd is a 100% Nigerian company set up out of a genuine intention and desire to serve its clients professionally and profitably. Therefore it is the company’s resolve to make its clients the ultimate while rendering satisfactory services, to give our clients value for their money, and to generate income for ourselves in the course of the service delivered, to serve as well as train the Nigerian manpower in line with the Federal Governments of Nigerian Content Development Plan.

Mission - Customer Satisfaction
Vision-Team work

Our vision is to be a leading provider of innovative and reliable Non-Destructive Testing, Calibration, Pressure Testing, Lifting Equipment Inspection, training, and Marine Services, known for exceptional quality, safety, and customer satisfaction in the Oil and Gas industry in Africa. We strive to continuously improve our processes and technologies, delivering customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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